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Our high-quality replacement kitchen cabinet doors can help turn a tired space into the room of your dreams. Whether your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, or pantry needs refacing, we have the perfect cabinet doors for your project.

Browse our wide selection of doors. Whether you’re looking for inset panel, flat panel, or raised panel doors, you can rest assured we have you covered. Check out our incredible assortment of finished and unfinished doors, painted doors, solid wood doors, thermofoil doors and doors cut for glass. And we always carry matching drawer fronts for all of our custom door options. has an extensive selection of quality handmade custom cabinet doors & drawer fronts on the internet. Every single one of our replacement cabinet doors (such as the very popular shaker door) will be built by hand to fit your application. Whether replacing a single door under your bathroom sink or every kitchen cabinet door in your pantry, our high-quality replacement doors will add value and beauty wherever sturdy doors are needed.

All doors are custom made for you and come pre-sanded, ready to be painted or stained. Listed prices are per square foot. Input your size, select your material type and boring options to get a final price for your custom cabinet door. If you need any help, our in-house cabinet experts are waiting to help walk you through our easy ordering process.

More about cabinet door types:
Unfinished Wood Doors - Wood kitchen cabinet doors are constructed of a solid wood frame, and either a solid or plywood panel. Wood doors can be refinished, and minor damage is easier to repair.

Thermofoil Doors Thermofoil doors are comprised of a durable vinyl laminated on Medium Density Fiberboard. Thermofoil doors stand up well to high humidity and regular cleaning.

Painted Doors - A beautiful prepainted grey or white cabinet door will be delivered to your doorstep.

Doors Cut for Glass - Commonly referred to as Glass Cabinet Doors. An elegant addition to any room, these doors come precut for glass panels.

Take a look at our FAQ for more information on doors, drawers, hardware, and installation.


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  1. Shaker
    Starting at $11.95 per sq. ft.
  2. Artesia
    Starting at $11.57 per sq. ft.
  3. Adobe
    Starting at $11.57 per sq. ft.
  4. Revere
    Starting at $13.85 per sq. ft.
  5. Heritage
    Starting at $13.85 per sq. ft.
  6. Campbell
    Starting at $12.07 per sq. ft.
  7. Diaz
    Starting at $13.85 per sq. ft.
  8. Liberty
    Starting at $16.42
  9. Tacoma
    Starting at $13.01 per sq. ft.
  10. Durango
    Starting at $14.64 per sq. ft.
  11. Camden
    Starting at $16.71 per sq. ft.
  12. Sawyer
    Starting at $13.85 per sq. ft.
  13. Victoria
    Starting at $12.64 per sq. ft.
  14. Trenton
    Starting at $14.85 per sq. ft.
  15. Plank
    Starting at $13.85
  16. Patriot
    Starting at $16.42 per sq. ft.

Items 1-16 of 71

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