Drawer Boxes

Drawer Boxes - Create Custom Cabinets with Drawers

Fast Cabinet Doors has the perfect solution for a complete kitchen remodel or even if you just need replacement cabinet drawers!

When you have kitchen base cabinets with drawers, the drawer boxes, or drawer bases, are often overlooked in their importance and value. Cabinets usually include builder grade cabinet drawer boxes and will break down over time. Builder grade boxes might last a while, however, to save on costs they are typically made of particleboard or thin plywood. The solid wood construction of custom drawer boxes is a clear upgrade in any space.

High quality drawer boxes provide the stability and strength that sets custom cabinetry apart from the rest. Crafted with the same quality and care as our doors and drawer fronts, the classic dovetail interlocking joint design ensures your custom drawer boxes are strong enough to stand the test of time.

With many options available you can create the perfect box combination for any project, even for a bathroom cabinet with drawers. When working on a project that requires replacement cabinet doors and drawers, you can pair any drawer front with a box to create a seamless look in your redesign. Use hardware like knobs and pulls on your custom cabinet doors and drawer fronts to complete your design.

When you’re ready to order the drawer boxes you have several options to make sure the boxes are exactly what you need. The option for scooping is available during the process, which is ideal if you opt to not use a drawer front. Scoops are centered on the front of the drawer box and act as a handle if the box is to be used as pull out cabinet drawers.

You have three options for the scoop size and style depending on the look you are going for. Scoop A is an almost oval scoop with smooth curves throughout. Scoop B is more of a curved rectangle scoop - still with curved edges but slightly angled lines. Scoop C resembles a rectangle with straight sides and bottom.

Don’t stress about how to replace cabinet drawers, our guides are easy to follow and we have experts ready to walk you through the steps if you call in. Whether your drawer boxes have undermount slides for side mount slides, measuring for your new drawer boxes is simple and can be done in just a few steps.

For boxes with undermount slides:
  • Measure the opening width, subtract ⅝” and make a note
  • Measure the opening height, subtract 1” and make a note
  • The depth should match the slide length
For boxes with side mount slides:
  • Measure the opening width, subtract 1” and make a note
  • Measure the opening height, subtract 1” and make a note
  • Just like with undermount slides, the depth should match the slide length

Remember to use the outside measurements when measuring an existing drawer box.

With solid wood options to match any style, you can create the perfect drawer box combination for any project. Pick the perfect wood species to match your project, choose from white oak, maple, natural beech, red oak, cedar, walnut, and more! Combine any drawer box with one of the many styles of drawer fronts for the perfect finish!

Get all the durability benefits of the solid wood drawer construction along with the beauty of interlocking dovetail joints. The durability of the corner construction makes the drawer boxes at the top choice for any room. Easily create a custom kitchen, closet, bathroom, entertainment center, office, or furniture.

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