Drawer Boxes

Crafted with the same quality and care as our doors and drawer fronts, our dovetail drawer boxes stand the test of time. Too often underestimated in their importance and value, high quality drawer boxes provide the stability and strength that set custom cabinetry apart from the rest. With many drawer box options available you can create the perfect box combination for your project.

Dovetail drawer boxes offer the strongest box construction available while offering the beauty of interlocking joints. The durability of the corner construction makes dovetail drawer boxes the top choice for custom kitchens, closets, bathrooms, entertainment centers, offices, and furniture.


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  1. Red Oak Drawer Box
    Starting at $35.54
    Red Oak Drawer Box
  2. Cedar Drawer Box
    Starting at $46.77
    Cedar Drawer Box
  3. Maple Drawer Box
    Starting at $26.32
    Maple Drawer Box
  4. Walnut Drawer Box
    Starting at $30.23
    Walnut Drawer Box
  5. Beech Drawer Box
    Starting at $31.83
    Beech Drawer Box
  6. Aspen Drawer Box
    Starting at $23.10
    Aspen Drawer Box

6 Items

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