Shaker Cabinet Door

Minimum Size: 7 1/2" x 7 1/2"
Maximum Size: 30" x 72"
Center Rail Required at 50" and above
Stiles and Rails are 2 1/4" standard
We cannot warranty doors with widths over 26" or heights over 70"
All Salice hinges shown on door pages are for 1/2" overlay
Shown in Alder
Selecting non-standard stiles and rails may increase the minimum size of the door

Shaker cabinet doors are renowned for their simplicity, versatility, and timeless appeal, making them a favorite among interior designers and builders. These modern shaker cabinet doors adapt flawlessly to a wide range of kitchen designs, from contemporary to classic. Their versatility allows for easy integration into any kitchen remodel, enhancing the kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality. Opt for shaker wall cabinets today to instantly uplift your kitchen design. The Shaker door comes with a 1/4" thick panel.

For those seeking a bright and modern ambiance, white shaker doors are perfect for creating an open, inviting space. Alternatively, choosing darker shades or even black shaker cabinets can impart a bold, sophisticated look. The characteristic clean lines and recessed center panel of shaker style cabinets add texture and depth, elevating the overall design of any high quality kitchen.

Crafted with precision in California and North Carolina, Fast Cabinet Doors ensures each shaker style cabinet door is made from the highest quality materials. Available in several wood types including Alder, Maple, White Oak, and Red Oak, our solid wood construction ensures durability and a unique finish for each piece, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

What are Shaker Cabinet Doors?

Originating in the 1800s, Shaker style embodies practicality and minimalism. Shaker kitchen cabinet doors are distinguished by a flat, recessed center panel, squared edges, and a frame that offers both durability and timeless elegance. This design lends itself well to both modern and coastal decors due to its clean lines and minimalistic approach, which eschews ornate detailing for understated sophistication.

Complement these doors with modern hardware like the Jamison J229 Bar Pull or the Jamison J222 T-Knob to enhance the contemporary look of your shaker kitchen cabinets.

Customize Your Shaker Cabinets

The popularity of shaker style cabinets doesn't mean your options are limited. Personalize your kitchen with unique modifications that reflect your style while maintaining the classic shaker appeal:

  • Opt for a two-tone color scheme to add visual interest and dimension to your high quality kitchen. For example, paint the base of an island or the lower cabinets in a vibrant hue like sage green, while keeping the upper cabinets in classic white. Explore various color combinations and get inspired by visiting our blog post on 10 Kitchen Color Palettes That Are Hot in 2021 and Beyond.
  • Incorporate glass panels to showcase the contents of your cabinets, from fine china to your stylish mason jar collection. Choose a Shaker Door Cut for Glass for a clean, modern look, or add mullions for a touch of farmhouse charm.

At Fast Cabinet Doors, we have everything you need to coordinate your kitchen design effortlessly with our Shaker Drawer Fronts available at Fast Cabinet Doors. Match these fronts with your chosen shaker doors to achieve a harmonious and stylish kitchen. Need additional pieces? Our drawer boxes are perfect for replacements or upgrades, ensuring everything you need for your kitchen remodel is just a click away. Remember, all door and drawer fronts arrive as unfinished wood, ready to be finished in your chosen color or stain before installation.

Please note that this will arrive as unfinished wood and will need to have a finish applied before installation.

For ordering Lazy Susan corners:
Select 1 door without boring
Select 1 door with "Lazy Susan Boring + Hinge Assembly" under Boring and Hinge Options
See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information For susan/corner cabinet doors, is recommended to square off the edges where the pair of doors will meet. If the doors have a standard beveled outer edge, they may produce a large gap. If you'd like us to square the edge of the doors where they meet, please contact us with instructions to use OE1 outside edge on one side of each door. This adjustment will cost an additional $30 per door.

Each hinge from the Boring and Hinge Options selection is a 1/2" overlay

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