Drawer & Cabinet Knobs

Are you looking for a simple yet effective DIY project to update your space? Changing your cabinet hardware is a surefire way to bring new life into your home, and cabinet knobs are the perfect place to start. Add functionality and style to any space in your home by adding new drawer and door knobs. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes making it easy to meet your design needs. You can find shapes like mushroom, designer, birdcage, square, and more!

FastCabinetDoors.com offers a variety of different finishes for a clean and modern transformation including, oil rubbed, matte black, brushed nickel, stainless steel, satin nickel, or copper cabinet and drawer knobs in almost every shape available. These are the perfect styles to replace anything, from your dresser drawer knobs to your kitchen cabinet knobs.

Our wide variety of styles and finishes make it easy for you to mix and match cabinet drawer pulls and knobs to bring dimension and interest to your kitchen or bathroom. Continue the transformation of your cabinet and drawer hardware with other products offered like cabinet hinges, drawer slides, and under cabinet lighting.

Explore all cabinet hardware options that FastCabinetDoors.com has to offer:

Drawer & Cabinet Pulls - Update your kitchen cabinet door handles or use these pulls and cabinet handles in the bathroom, or on a dresser or vanity, to give a simple refresh.

Cabinet Hinges - Our hinges are constructed of high-quality metals and come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Whatever type of hinge your project needs, we have something sure to work for you.

Drawer Slides - Get that oh so satisfying soft close drawer with one of our Blum soft close drawer slides. Available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Under Cabinet Lighting - Complete your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with under cabinet lighting. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing


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  1. Amerock EDONA BP53005 Knob
    As low as $1.49
    Amerock EDONA BP53005 Knob
  2. Amerock REVITALIZE BP55340 Knob
    As low as $5.89
    Amerock REVITALIZE BP55340 Knob
  3. Amerock REVITALIZE 1-1/4in Knob
    As low as $6.00
    Amerock REVITALIZE 1-1/4in Knob
  4. Jamison J346 T-knob
    As low as $3.20
    Jamison J346 T-knob
  5. Jamison J343 Square Knob
    As low as $2.60
    Jamison J343 Square Knob
  6. Jamison J336 Knob
    As low as $2.58
    Jamison J336 Knob
  7. Jamison J326 Knob
    As low as $2.83
    Jamison J326 Knob
  8. Jamison J323 Knob
    As low as $2.20
    Jamison J323 Knob
  9. Jamison J222 T-Knob
    As low as $2.46
    Jamison J222 T-Knob
  10. Amerock BP771G10
    Amerock BP771G10 Knob
  11. Amerock BP55360G10
    Amerock BP55360G10 Knob
  12. Amerock BP55312DOB
    Amerock BP55312DOB Knob
  13. Amerock BP55273BBR
    Amerock BP55273BBR Knob
  14. Amerock BP55272ORB
    Amerock BP55272ORB Knob
  15. Amerock BP55271ORB
    Amerock BP55271ORB Knob
  16. Amerock BP55271G10
    Amerock BP55271G10 Knob

Items 1-16 of 178

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