Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Shop our selection of high-quality, unfinished, solid panel cabinet doors. Each door is handcrafted and available in a variety of wood species, leading to a consistently unique product. Choose from a variety of styles including Plank and Apache. Replacing a door, but not sure what style you have? Send us a picture and we’ll find it for you! All doors are sold as unfinished wood, pre-sanded, and ready to be painted or stained upon arrival.Prices are per square foot.


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  1. Tacoma
    Starting at $13.01 per sq. ft.
  2. Aries
    Starting at $12.78
  3. Apache
    Starting at $24.28 per sq ft.
  4. Plank
    Starting at $13.85
  5. Laredo
    Starting at $36.53
  6. True Louver
    Starting at $49.17
    True Louver

6 Items

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