Lazy Susans

You’ve probably heard of the classic Lazy Susan, you put chips and dip on it and it rotates so everyone at the table can reach everything offered. Lazy Susans are now available for a wide range of uses, including using them in your cabinets!

Keep your hard to organize cabinets, like the necessary but ever difficult corner cabinet, and kitchen pantry neat and tidy. Fast Cabinet Doors has a solution for every storage situation, from lower, upper, or corner cabinets keep your hard to organize spaces neat and tidy. Lazy Susans are perfect to take advantage of the height in a cabinet or pantry shelf, with choices from a single tier to three tier solutions you can organize to your heart’s desire.

Choose between a pie cut, kidney shaped, half moon, full circle, or d-shape lazy susan depending on the space and needs of your cabinet.

Pie Cut Lazy Susan

Pie cut lazy susans are perfect for a corner cabinet with a 90° angle. Easy to install, these are attached to the right and left cabinet doors, allowing them to spin back into the cabinet when opened. These are perfect for cabinets found in the corner of a kitchen, sometimes these cabinets are called “easy reach cabinets”.

Kidney Shaped Lazy Susan

Similar to the Pie Cut Lazy Susan, Kidney Shaped Lazy Susans also are intended for use in corner cabinets where the two sides meet to make an L at a 90° angle. The difference between the two is that with Kidney Shaped systems, they are NOT attached to the door and instead swivel independently.

Whether or not they are attached to cabinet doors, either the Pie Cut Lazy Susan or the Kidney Shaped Lazy Susan will be a perfect solution to keep your 90° angle cabinets organized with everything within reach.

Half Moon Lazy Susan

Perfect for a base blind cabinet, this style of Lazy Susan makes these cabinets incredibly easy to use and organize. The shelves of this system move independently, allowing you to swing and slide them out of the cabinet and get what you need. What is a blind cabinet? It’s where a row of cabinets meets another and there is only one door but the cabinet extends all the way to the right or left under the counter top.

D Shaped Lazy Susan

Corner cabinets don’t always mean 90° angles, cross corner cabinets cut across the corner at a 45° angle. D Shape Lazy Susan organizers fit perfectly in these types of cabinets and just like all other types of Lazy Susans, they make organizing easy. With rotating shelves and a flat side to accommodate the cabinet door, this system is easy to install.

Full Circle Lazy Susan

Last but certainly not least is the classic Full Circle Lazy Susan. The most versatile style, Full Circle Lazy Susans can be used in any cabinet, as long as there is space. These would be great to use on a pantry shelf as you likely won’t have doors or off angles to work with, but they can still help you organize. Add height to your shelves and be able to group things together, like canned soups.

Now that you see all the options for how to use a Lazy Susan in your cabinets, take a look around. See where a Lazy Susan might be able to help you organize, see where you can use more height in a cabinet or pantry. Take a look at our blog post on the Top 10 Kitchen Organization Tools for more tips on how to get your cabinets organized.

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