Finished Century Drawer Front

Minimum Size: 7 1/2" x 6"
Maximum Size: 33" x 10"
2 1/4" Stiles and 1 1/2" Rails standard.
Shown in Pecan w/ clear finish
Finish is billed per sq ft at a minimum of 1.75 sq ft

Like it's name implies, the Century door style is simple and timeless. Let a beautiful wood material be the hero while the Century stands steady with a sturdy butt joint, raised panel design and subtle detailing.

All Fast Cabinet Door products are hand-crafted in California and North Carolina, and are available in a variety of wood species, including Alder, Maple, White Oak, Red Oak. As such, each door will be consistently unique. In addition, the natural characteristics of wood lend themselves to color variation, and this is also true when finish is applied.

This is a finished product and will increase our standard lead times to 14-20 business days for Clear Coat and Primed doors, and 22-26 business days for all painted products.

Fast Cabinet Doors offers a Solvent-Based Finishing program from our east coast facility. Customers can order their products finished with paint, primer for painting, or clear top coat. Our traditional, Solvent-Based Finishes are highly regarded for superior quality, durability, and manufactured in our Monroe, North Carolina facility.

Clear Coat - Our post catalyzed conversion varnish is a unique, high solids, high performance top coat and perfect for highlighting the natural characteristics of wood components.

Paints & Primers - Our post catalyzed pigmented conversion varnish is also a unique, high solids, high performance top coat.

Urbane Bronze 7048

Tricorn Black 6258

Gale Force 7605

Anonymous 7046

Software 7074

Gibraltar 6257

Olive Grove 7734

Poolhouse 7603

Green Sprout 7728

Mindful Gray 7016

Interesting Aqua 6220

Dorian Gray 7017

Silver Strand 7057

Austere Gray 6184

Repose Gray 7015

Accessible Beige 7036

Antique White 6119

Creamy 7012

Alabaster 7008

Pure White 7005

Extra White 7006

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