Cedar Drawer Box

Min Size: 6w x 2.5h x 10d
Max Size: 30w x 15h x 36d
If Notching is selected, Minimum Width increases to 8"
1/2" Thick Sides and 1/4" Thick Bottom
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Scoops are centered on the front of drawer box.
Scoops are a cutout that act as a handle if the box is to be used as a pullout rather than having a drawer front
Minimum width of box:
* Scoop A 6-3/4”
* Scoop B 7-1/8”
* Scoop C 6-1/4"
Extra clearance hinges are required if using drawers as pullouts.

Bottom Details

Thickness: 1/4"
Placement: 1/2" up to allow for guides and to sit in a dado for added strength
Underside of bottom will be unfinished if Finish is selected
Veneer laid on MDF

Rear Mount Bracket Details

Blum 562/563 Rear Mount Bracket
Required for face frame cabinets

Slide Details

Blum Tandem Plus BLUMOTION
563H Series
* Static 100lb / Dynamic 90lb
* Contact Customer Service if greater capacity is needed
Full extension
Comes with Screws

Notching Details

Not necessary for sidemount slides
Notching is compatible with the following clips:
* Salice
* Salice 6-way adjustable
* Blum 563
* Blum 563 side-to-side adjustable
* Grass
* Grass w/ adapter

Clip Details

BLUM Tandem 563/569 locking clip
* BT51.1801
* Vertical Adjustment
BLUM Tandem 563/569 Side-to-Side Adjustment locking clip
* BT51.1901
* Vertical Adjustment
* Horizontal Adjustment
BLUM Tandem Clips are only compatible with BLUM 563/569 series drawer slides

Finish Details

Finish is applied post assembly
Underside of bottoms will be unfinished
Selecting finish will add 1-3 business days to standard lead time

Measuring Instructions

Use outside measurements when measuring an existing drawer box
For boxes with undermount slides
* Opening Width - Subtract 5/8"
* Opening Height -Subtract 1"
* Depth - Should match slide length

For boxes with sidemount slides
Not currently offered with boxes. These are found on our hardware page.
* Opening Width - Subtract 1"
* Opening Height - Subtract 1"
* Depth - Should match slide length
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