Using Cabinet Doors in Unexpected Ways

Modern kitchen interior design clean, minimal, in light and natural wood tones, built in cupboards

At Fast Cabinet Doors, we often hear from satisfied customers! We love seeing how our doors help people creatively transform their living spaces. Today, we’re shining a spotlight on three such renovations. We’ll show you Tom’s modernized bookshelf, Bob’s revamped hutch, and Carol’s kitchen remodel inspired by Julia Child.

These projects showcase the versatility of cabinet doors, offering a peek into the not-so-typical uses of our products.

A Seamless Blend From Kitchen to Bookshelf

Tom recently upgraded his kitchen cabinets and the he extended the impact beyond the kitchen and into the adjacent eating area. Tom also upgraded a bookshelf and wall cabinet situated in this space. This helped create a unified look that flows naturally from one room to the next.

Before: The walnut-colored cabinets that originally adorned Tom’s kitchen and adjacent eating area contributed to a space that felt dated and constricting. The darker hues absorbed light, creating an atmosphere that was less inviting.

After: Tom astutely decided to leverage the robust structure of his existing shelving. He sanded down the structure, painted it the same shade as the kitchen cabinets, and replaced the doors to be an updated version of the original. 

This strategic use of coordinated replacement cabinet doors across different functional zones in his home has resulted in a space that feels both larger and significantly brighter. The makeover is not just a visual treat but also enhances the experience of spending time in these interconnected areas.

“The quality of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts received from Fast Cabinet Doors was excellent. … Overall a VERY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE.”

-Tom G.

By taking a thoughtful, multi-room approach to his renovation, Tom has brilliantly showcased how replacement cabinet doors can serve as a versatile solution for an expansive, harmonious living space.

Want to shop this look? Tom went with the Finished Liberty Cabinet Doors for the bookshelf with a Pure White finish.

Hutch Makeover with Custom Cabinet Doors

Bob took his entertainment center hutch from an eyesore to a statement piece by replacing the original windowed cabinet doors that revealed clutter and unsightly cables. He opted for a transformative all-white, double-door design using our custom cabinet doors. The addition of clean, modern handles complemented the sleek appearance, elevating the hutch into a piece that not only hides away the mess but commands attention as a focal point in any room. This simple yet impactful change exemplifies the transformative power of thoughtfully chosen cabinet doors.

Want to shop this look? Bob went with the timeless classic: Shaker Cabinet Doors

A Julia Child's Kitchen

Inspiration: Carol was spellbound by the legendary kitchen of Julia Child, a room not just for cooking but for living. Known for its three windows, open shelving, and a variety of wooden counters, Julia Child’s kitchen remains an epitome of culinary inspiration.

Pictured: Julia Child’s Kitchen

Carol set out on a mission to capture the essence of Julia Child’s kitchen in her own home. She carefully chose custom cabinet doors from Fast Cabinet Doors and meticulously matched the exact paint color used on the originals, which are now preserved at the Smithsonian.

“Our house and kitchen was built in the late ’90s. The cabinets themselves were really well-built, but the style of the doors didn’t align with my vision. I found Fast Cabinet Doors and knew they were the right choice for my project. I was particularly taken by the diverse range of finish options, which allowed me the flexibility to recreate the quaint charm I loved about Julia Child’s kitchen.” – Carol

Carol’s project is more than just a kitchen renovation; it’s a tribute to a culinary icon, made possible by the unparalleled customization options available through Fast Cabinet Doors.

Through her detailed planning and creative use of cabinet doors, Carol managed to go against contemporary trends, carving out a unique kitchen space that feels both nostalgic and fresh. It’s a striking example of how custom cabinet doors can serve as the linchpin in a room’s transformation, taking it from mundane to magnificent. Carol went with another timeless classic, the Adobe Cabinet Doors. Shop today!

All of our projects, whether it’s a single door upgrade or a complete kitchen remodel, benefit from our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our range of custom cabinet doors offers something for everyone, regardless of style preference.

Whether you’re looking to modernize like Tom, bring an antique into the 21st century like Bob, or celebrate a historical icon like Carol, Fast Cabinet Doors has the products you need to make your vision a reality. Choose from a variety of finish options to tailor your cabinet transformation perfectly.

Tom, Bob, and Carol each had unique projects but shared one thing: they all found what they needed with Fast Cabinet Doors. Their stories show that with a little creativity, the sky is the limit when it comes to transforming spaces with replacement cabinet doors.

For more inspiration and options, shop our selection today!