Knotty Alder Wood: Design, Style and Properties

Knotty alder cabinets are a great choice for many different styles of kitchens. Alder wood is a light, softwood with a tight grain and rich coloring. This wood can be used to create beautiful knotty alder kitchen cabinets. Usually found in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Alder wood is also present in parts of Europe and Asia.

These areas have different climates which gives them their unique appearance found on each board. Asian Alder woods usually contain wider grains. American Alder woods tend to have knots that go all the way across the board.

Knotty Alder Kitchen Cabinets are a popular choice for homeowners, both DIYers and professionals. They offer the value of being easy to find at affordable prices. The knots allow light in through open spaces within knot holes or any cracks which may occur naturally. Production or post-production splits will split the wood apart, causing these cracks at the knot sites.

red knotty alder wood

The knots found on this type of wood have been formed naturally over time. This results in an alluring appearance that cannot be achieved with machine made grooves. Machine made grooves are something you would see on plywood material (for example).

The unique character marks add warmth into any home while highlighting other features. Features such as granite counter tops, island bars and backsplashes stand out even more with the character of Knotty Alder. Knots also give character and charm to cabinets.

They provide beauty as well as some uniqueness that is not possible with oak wood kitchen cabinets. Knotty Alder wood is used in both traditional and contemporary designs. It’s a great option for rustic design, or shaker-style furniture pieces. Knotty Alder cabinets are also perfect for transitional styles because the knotty look adds to its charm.

The color of Knotty Alder can vary from creamy white to pinkish red tones depending on how much sunlight they receive. New pieces of Alder wood tend to be yellowish brown because it’s fresh off the tree. This type of wood has no visible grain and a noticeable silver grain along the edges of boards.

Alder wood is easy to work with, takes paint readily and finishes well. Knotty Alder cabinets are not usually stained or painted because it would cover up their beautiful knots. Instead, they’re left natural for that rustic look which compliments almost any style kitchen design.

Knotty Alder wood cabinets are not only popular but also durable. They’ve been used for years in homes, offices and other buildings because they can stand up to heavy use. These cabinet doors will remain straight without warping or cupping because of its slow growth rings.

The durability of Knotty Alder makes for a very stable material. This type of wood would be appropriate for kitchen cabinetry as well as any commercial purpose where high traffic flow occurs.

Alder wood is great when paired with stainless steel appliances, open shelving units and granite countertops. The warmth from the knot holes brings out beautiful contrast in the kitchen with a touch of red and natural grains.

Besides cabinets, Alder wood can be used to create a variety of different pieces including tables, dressers and entertainment centers.

Pairing well with other hardwood pieces, including Maple, Hickory or Oak styles – allows you to create the kitchen of your dreams! Kitchens are often decorated with Knotty Alder furniture because it pairs well with any style decor. This type of material is perfect for adding character into your home without sacrificing practical usage. The knot holes that allow light in through open spaces add an unmatched charm to the space.

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