When remodeling your home, the first thing you need to consider is the style and decor that you are going for. Once you’ve figured this out you can start choosing cabinetry, appliances, hardware, and decor that match your chosen style. In every remodel, the cabinet doors you choose can change the appearance of a room dramatically. There are three main types of doors to choose from and each type can pair with a different style or theme. To help you understand the differences between the door styles, we’ve compiled a list to help you decide which type of door panel is right for you and your remodel!

Raised Panel Doors

The first style of cabinet doors that you can choose are raised panel doors. These cabinet doors give your room a timeless, traditional feel. The middle section of these doors is raised, creating a groove between the frame and central panel which defines each door and panel and creates highlights and shadows that bring depth to the cabinetry. This is one of the more expensive styles on the market, as it requires a higher level of precision craftsmanship. If you want to really change the look of any room or existing cabinetry, these doors are a great option for you because they stand out from the door frame and offer a classic and custom look.

raised panel door


Inset Panel Doors

If you’ve ever seen or heard of a Shaker Door then you’ll know what an inset panel door looks like. The Shaker door (seen in the photo below) is one of the most popular cabinet door styles. It’s known for being adaptable and giving any home a fresh look with clean lines. All inset panel doors are straight-forward designs featuring a recessed center panel surrounded by a frame. These simple, straightforward doors add a sense of warmth and beauty to traditional, transitional and contemporary settings without adding the costs often associated with more complex designs.

inset panel door


Solid Panel Doors

Solid panel doors offer smooth, clean lines and are great for showcasing a particular color or finish in your home. The Solid Panel door is chosen for the lack of lines and is used for a seamless look. It is generally known as a European style. These doors have become fairly common in modern kitchen design, and feel instantly contemporary.

solid panel door


Each of the three styles brings with it a unique character that can guide a kitchen into a specific design direction, but they all have the ability to conform to the design style you’re going for in their own ways.

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