It seems design trends always go full circle. Take a look outside and you’re likely to see a young woman in flowy bell bottoms or a man with a mad men-esque haircut and glasses. These mid-century trends are also re-appearing in the home. One of these in-home trends coming back in a big way is the colored kitchens of post-WWII America, especially amongst the younger generation of homeowners. We’ll be taking a look at current color trends and predicting what we'll see in the kitchen this year. If you love kitchen design and color, this blog will most definitely be an inspiration.

Mint Green

Taking a spin on the ever-popular pea soup green of the 1970’s, this versatile color is making its way back with a modern twist. With so many different shades you can make your kitchen seem warm or cool.

Mint is a great way to bring color into the kitchen without overwhelming the space. The mints we like for this year, like this one in a kitchen from Better Homes & Gardens, are a bit more greyish and a little less candy-hued.

mint cabinets


Painting something black can be a nerve-racking task, as it’s a very bold and unforgiving color. However, we are really loving these black kitchens that keep popping up. Make sure that your kitchen gets a decent amount of natural light so it doesn’t completely darken the room. This kitchen pairs black cabinets with a light wood countertop and brick walls for a modern, rustic look, but you can also add elements like subway tile and white marble to keep the look from getting too heavy.

black cabinets


If you love the look of black but want something a little less somber, try a warm grey. In this kitchen a pale, warm grey pairs beautifully with white marble countertops and gold hardware.

grey cabinets

Today's pink kitchen is a little different from the pink kitchens of the past: less candy pink and paler, muted pink. If you want to avoid looking too retro, pairing with modern hardware and marble countertops can make the space look sophisticated.

pink cabinets

Navy Blue

Although dark blue doesn’t seem that far off from black, it’s actually quite the opposite. It's a way of adding color to the kitchen without going overboard. Desaturated colors can almost pass as neutrals in a sense. In this kitchen a deep marine blue is the perfect choice especially paired with the gold hardware and light backsplash. Even with the dark cabinets, the space still seems fresh and bright.

navy cabinets