Moldings are a simple way to add style, definition, and provide a decorative finish to any room. Baseboards, crown molding, and door trim are the most noticeable examples, and according to Houzz, an online platform for home remodeling and design, crown moldings are one of the architectural features that can really add value to your home. They add a visual presence that can make a home feel more upscale, all while increasing resale value!

Crown Molding

Crown Molding is an ornamental molding around the wall of a room just below the ceiling. This type in particular bridges the junction between walls and ceiling, a prominent location where the architectural accent can shine. Crown molding is also a great way to hide paint that has not been cut-in perfectly!

crown molding

*Pro Tip: Make sure to take into consideration your home style and ceiling height before choosing a crown molding. Moldings need to be proportionate to the height of the room. Also be sure to consider any vaults or drop ceilings as they can be tricky to work with during installation. 


Baseboards are the most common type of molding found in a home. Easy to install and nice to look at, it’s a great accent for any room. Baseboards also create an overall sense of harmony and can tie your room together by matching your doors and trim.


*Pro Tip: Though baseboards, trim, and crown molding don’t have to match, make sure they have a similar visual weight. It may look strange to have large crown molding with tiny baseboards and vice versa. 


Trim and moldings are generally divided into categories according to where they appear on the wall (although some pieces can serve a dual purpose, such as a baseboard that is used as a door casing). The molding that covers the gap around the outside of a door or window is called the trim or casing. It provides extra stability to the door or window opening and gives the room a finished look.


*Pro Tip: Because wood tends to expand and contract with changes in humidity, especially around doors and windows, use flexible caulk at joints and seams.

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