Cabinet doors and drawer fronts create the look and feel of a kitchen. With so many choices on styles, wood types, and other details, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. To help you stay on track when choosing your perfect cabinet door, here are a few things to consider.

Style Goals

Traditional, Modern, Old-world, Coastal, Contemporary, Farm-style -- There are so many styles to choose from. Whether you're designing your kitchen to match the decor of other rooms, or planning your whole home's look around the kitchen, it’s up to you to personalize it. Before you pick your cabinet door make sure to choose the style that best fits your space and preferences. Another thing to keep in mind - stick to your initial goals. Changing your mind on decor in the middle of a project can end up costing you extra time and money and there was a reason you chose that style in the first place.

Cabinet Door Design

There are three main types of cabinet door designs: raised panel, solid panel, and inset panel doors. The difference in these doors is in the look and feel that they bring to your room. The functionality is the same but if you are looking for a traditional feel, a raised panel door would be your best choice. Along those same lines, an inset panel door has withstood the test of time as a versatile favorite in many homes. Using a solid panel door will give you a more modern feel.


Wood Type

Choosing a wood type is an important step in the process. All of the solid panel doors sells are made of 100% solid wood. The raised panel doors have a solid wood panel and inset panel doors have a solid wood frame with veneered panel. We also offer many different types of wood such as Select Red Oak, Select Hickory, Select Alder, and Select White Maple. These types of details affect what type of stain, paint, and/or finish you will need to use when creating the proper look for your cabinets. You will also want to ensure that your cabinet doors match the wood type of your cabinet boxes unless the design you are looking for requires a different type.



After you have made the important decisions regarding your style and design, you’ll need to consider hardware. This includes cabinet knobs, pulls, hinges, and slides. Check out our selection of hardware for your project here:

*Pro Tip: Measure out the layout and placement of your doors before installing the knobs or pulls to ensure that you don’t accidentally install them on the wrong side of the door!



Now head on over to and start shopping. We’ve got dozens of doors to choose from in many different styles and wood types to suit your needs!